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Here at Smoky Mountain Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, there are a few things that separate us from the pack. 


Most of our therapists are seasoned, with every clinic having a minimum of 20 years combined in the field.

Patient Focused

At SMSMPT, the health of the patient is our number 1 priority. We use evidence-based techniques to strive to achieve effective outcomes for every patient that comes through our doors.


As a locally-owned and operated business, your comments and concerns will never go unheard. Our team of owners are on the floor at one of our 4 locations each and every day.

Varied Expertise

Our staff has a diverse skillset, with options for treatment for many conditions, ranging from musculoskeletal pain to  vertigo. 


"I can't say enough good things about this group!  The PTs here helped me rehab my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery and I ended up with pretty much full mobility in the end. They collaborate and welcome each others' opinion. More recently, I used them again for a calcaneus fracture and the results were just as good.....GREAT! They all genuinely get along and you never hear anyone being negative. I have used other PT groups in the area and the therapists here are #1.  Thank you all for getting me back on my feet and pain free!"

Martha H.

"Carlyle treated me for sciatica pain. He was very professional and caring. he got the pain from a 10 to 4 very quickly and completely cured me after 10 visits. I was very impressed with the facility.  He provided me with exercises to do on a permanent basis so there is no recurrence."

Annette S

"I was diagnosed in early July with a condition called Spondylosis. The symptoms were severe pain in the left leg. I started Physical Therapy with Mary Curtis McCracken. I continued PT three times a week through August and by that time the leg pain was gone and I was back to 100%.  Very happy with the results and very pleased with Mary Curtis' knowledge and ability to select the correct PT procedures or my condition. Highly recommend Smoky Mountain Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy!"

Jack W

Smoky Mountain Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy is committed to providing high-quality rehabilitation. Our treatment approach is both individualized and evidence-based, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. The staff at Smoky Mountain Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy wishes to build long-standing relationships with the community while offering premier rehabilitation services.


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