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Ben Rickert

Physical Therapist

Ben is a licensed physical therapist. He received his B.S. in biology from Western Carolina University, where he later returned to complete the Masters of Physical Therapy program. He has been working in the outpatient orthopedic setting with an emphasis on sports medicine since 2012. Ben has a strong interest in manual therapy and is board certified in orthopedics. He enjoys treating patients with various musculoskeletal impairments, and has significant experience with both post-operative and non-operative patients.


Special interests of Ben’s include lower extremity biomechanics and the prescription of custom orthotics/insoles to address various conditions and/or pain. He has been particularly successful prescribing custom insoles to address pain caused by flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciosis, Achilles tendinosis, and tibialis posterior tendinosis. He works closely with a custom orthotic fabrication company to provide patients with a product to meet their individualized needs.


Ben believes it is important to treat the whole individual, not just the pathology. This requires a detailed history, hands-on physical evaluation and an understanding of a person’s daily habits including job activities, hobbies and general lifestyle. Each patient’s plan of care is uniquely designed to meet his or her needs. Ben uses current research to select the most proven and effective interventions for his patients. Patients are typically treated using a combination of hands-on manual techniques and corrective exercise. 


Ben also believes in the importance of patient education to facilitate a collaborative relationship between him and his patients. Patients are educated on their conditions using illustrations and terminology that they understand.  This understanding boosts personal commitment to rehabilitation and overall success. The goal is that when patients leave the clinic they are able to explain their condition, independently perform their home exercise program and identify the goals they set with their therapist.


Ben currently lives in Sylva, NC with his wife, Brittany and their children Ella and Crew.

Ben Rickert
Ben Rickert
Western Carolina University
Western Carolina University
B.S. Biology
Masters of Physical Therapy
Dry Needling
Custom Orthotics
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