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Lymphedema is a condition caused by extra fluid build-up in your tissues when your lymphatic system isn't working correctly.  This usually happens when your lymph nodes are damaged or removed, however there are various reasons a person may be diagnosed with this condition.  Physical therapists who are certified in lymphedema therapy can assist patients with reducing and managing edema.  Brittany Rickert is our Certified Lymphedema Specialist. 


Brittany became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) after receiving course training through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. She has specialized in treating patients with edema-related impairments including those with lymphedema, venous insufficiency, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more. She is able to provide a full decongestive therapy program including compression bandaging, manual lymphatic drainage, decongestive exercise, and skin care education.

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Management Methods

  • Manual lymph drainage

  • Aerobic exercise for drainage and conditioning

  • Strengthening of deconditioned areas

  • Education on proper compression garment wear, skincare, and risk of infection and injury

  • Garment fitting

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