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Hand therapy is a special treatment for the hand and upper extremity (shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand).  A board certified hand therapist (CHT) has rigorous training and several hours of hand treatment prior to sitting for the board exam.  CHTs specialize in treating both surgical and nonsurgical conditions.

Megan Russell is our CHT. As an occupational hand therapist, she is passionate about treating the entire upper extremity (shoulder to hand) and helping client's heal from a variety of injuries.  She has experience treating repetitive injuries, clients recovering from strokes, fractures, and traumatic injuries such as tendon repairs.  Hand therapists use orthotic splints to help clients heal and recover, as well as manual therapy techniques and individualized exercise programs.  She has worked with clients of all ages.  

Hand Therapy is performed in our office inside of Jackson Medical Associates in Sylva, NC.

Jackson Medical Associates

1188 Skyland Drive

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