Mary Curtis has been excellent!  She is knowledgable, caring, and professional.  She's the best!!!

                                                                                                                                                                            Shirley E.

I was diagnosed in early July with a condition called Spondylosis. The symptoms were severe pain in the left leg. I started Physical Therapy with Mary Curtis McCracken. I continued PT three times a week through August and by that time the leg pain was gone and I was back to 100%.  Very happy with the results ad very pleased with Mary Curtis' knowledge and ability to select the correct PT procedures or my condition. Highly recommend Smoky Mountain Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy!  --------Jack W

Carlyle treated me for sciatica pain. He was very professional and caring. he got the pain from a 10 to 4 very quickly and completely cured me after 10 visits. I was very impressed with the facility.  He provided me with exercises to do on a permanent basis so there is no recurrence. --------Annette S

I can't say enough good things about this group!  The PTs here helped me rehab my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery and I ended up with pretty much full mobility in the end. They collaborate and welcome each others' opinion. More recently, I used them again for a calcaneus fracture and the results were just as good.....GREAT! They all genuinely get along and you never hear anyone begin negative. I have used other PT groups in the area and the therapists here are #1.  Thank you all for getting me back on my feet and pain free! ---------Martha H