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How to Manage and Prevent Low Back Pain

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

By: Mary Curtis McCracken, PT, MPT, MED

Low back pain is a common complaint within the American population. Due to our sedentary lifestyles, desk jobs, and the recent pandemic, people are more susceptible.

What can we do to combat this problem and keep ourselves healthy?

Tip #1 - Get moving

Whether it is walking, biking, running, or taking a fitness class, regular aerobic

exercise allows the lumbar muscles and joints to receive blood flow and decrease stiffness. This allows the spine to move more freely, increasing the ability to perform daily functional activities such as yard work and house cleaning.

Tip #2 - Stay strong

The muscles in the lower back, abdomen, and hips provide stability for the spine

and allow a better base of support for the body. The stronger your core muscles are, the better your spine can take the loads you place on it every day.

Tip #3 - Improve flexibility

Keeping the muscles of the hips, thighs, and lumbar region flexible will

allow more efficiency with movement and can prevent injury. Sitting, standing, and forward bending are much more tolerable with flexible muscles.

Tip #4 - Pay attention to posture and body mechanics

Our posture and the way we perform lifting techniques contribute to the stress that is placed on our lower backs. Sitting more supported and paying attention to desk ergonomics are imperative while working. When completing tasks at home such as carrying a laundry basket or cutting wood, utilizing the hip musculature by keeping the back straight, can prevent undesirable loads to the spine.

Tip #5 - Don't exacerbate symptoms

Don’t push through pain. If an activity is causing discomfort, it likely needs to be modified or stopped altogether.

Tip #6 - Physical Therapy

If your pain is very acute or you have questions about what to do, a physical

therapist can help design a program for your specific needs.

Let's conquer low back pain together.

Low back pain isn't just going to away, it needs to be dealt with. What are you doing for your low back pain today?

For more information, call (828)550-3923 or request an appointment here.

Mary Curtis McCracken PT, MPT, MED

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